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Practice Areas

Falbo, Solari and Goldberg is a general practice law firm. Our attorneys have experience is a wide variety of legal issues and are always willing to take on new cases. Some of the areas that we specialize in are as follows:
Personal Injury


The attorneys at Falbo, Solari & Goldberg have represented many individuals over our forty-five plus year history in their personal injury claims. Whether you were injured in a slip and fall, car accident, or suffered from any other injury, our attorneys are skilled in getting you the compensation you deserve. We have settled and tried hundreds of personal injury cases and are well prepared to walk you through the process of obtaining compensation.



Family Law


During a very difficult time in your life, you need stability and comfort to handle your family law issues. Our attorneys are here for you with caring and supportive representation. We can assist in obtaining a divorce and we can help in ongoing troubles such as modifications, custody disputes, and compliance with a divorce judgment. 


Social Security and Worker's Compensation

Assisting clients in recovering benefits owed to them by social security and worker's compensation has been a specialty of Falbo, Solari & Goldberg for decades. We have resolved cases for hundreds of thousands of dollars and are ready to help if you have been injured on the job or are owed money from social security. 


Getting sued or preparing to sue someone can be a confusing and costly situation. Additionally, the early stages of litigation are fraught with potholes that can unnecessarily complicate or damage your case if you don't have zealous representation. If you want to learn more about your legal rights, prepare for trial, and want experienced trial attorneys to represent you along the way then contact our office to discuss your options. 

Real Estate

Having an attorney experienced in negotiating purchase and sales agreements, on both the buyer and seller's side, is invaluable in protecting your purchased property and ensuring that your sold property won't come back to haunt you. We're also experienced resolving boundary disputes, title problems, or zoning issues that you may encounter.

Whether you are negotiating the sale of land or trying to resolve an old problem, you need an experienced attorney to assist you with the process and our attorneys are here to help. 


Estate Planning


Preparing and executing a valid and legally enforceable will is the only way to ensure that your personal possessions and assets go to the people or organizations that you hold most dear. Many don't realize that changing laws related to health care can also have significant effects on your estate and home. We can help you create a specialized and tailored estate plan to protect your assets and ensure that your possessions pass to the right beneficiaries. 



Businesses and Contracts

Whether you need to draft a comprehensive contract or simply organize your small business, the attorneys at Falbo, Solari & Goldberg have years of experience helping businesses and individuals with contract formation and disputes. The attorneys are also available for assisting your business with management decisions, employment contracts and disputes, leases and large purchases, or strategic business planning to meet your short and long term goals. 

Consumer Protection

Massachusetts provides some of the nation's best protection for consumers. With a strong enforcement mechanism, consumers are provided with extensive remedies and severe consequences for individuals and corporations that violate consumer protection laws. If you're suspicious about your rights as a consumer or tenant, or feel that you have been taken advantage of by a business, contact the attorneys at Falbo, Solari & Goldberg to discuss your rights.  

... and More

As a general practice firm, our attorneys are versatile to assist you with almost any legal problem you may be facing. Some of the other areas of law that we cover include:

Department of Children and Families: Helping clients navigate disputes with DCF.

Education Law: Rights of students, school administrators, and school staff.  


Condominium Law: Governance and rights of the Condominium Associations and the members. 


Juvenile Law: Defending minors in juvenile court.


Employment Law: Workplace rights and unlawful termination. 


Landlord/Tenant: Defending evictions and other disputes.


This list is not exhaustive--contact us with any questions you have. Even if we can't help you, we can help you find other respected attorneys in the field that you need!

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